Offices Spaces for Rent in Evansville

Lower Level: 23,082 Square Feet

There are currently 23,082 Square Feet available on the lower level.

Lower Level Floor Plan

7th Floor: 8,717 Square Feet

The 7th Floor currently has 8,717 Square Feet available.

7th Level Floor Plan

9th Floor: 1,700 Square Feet

The 9th Floor currently has 1,700 Square Feet available.

9th Level Floor Plan

11th Floor: 8700 Square Feet

The 11th floor currently has 8700 square feet available.

16th Floor: 3,500 Square Feet

The 16th Floor currently has 3,500 Square Feet available.

16th Level Floor Plan

17th Floor: 4, 800 Square Feet

The 17th Floor currently has photos of 1263 square feet available please contact us for more information regarding additional available space.

18th Floor: 7,404 Square Feet

The 18th Floor currently has 7,404 Square Feet available.

Roof Antenna Site Leasing

Please contact us for more information.